Weezer Plushies

May have posted about these a while back, but eh. My first and only venture into designing plush items. Was pretty fun to see

Acrylic Honey

Going through the archives. Came across this little acrylic portrait of my baby.

Christmas Family Portrait Circa 1999

Christmas Family Portrait Circa 1999 - Totally Dad's idea. Showcases my mediocre Photoshop skills from back in the day

Revisiting Jelly Girl

Maybe because I see the model I shot for this piece everyday, but it’s been nice drawing jelly heads again

Original Misfits design: Zombie Attack!

Original Misfits design: Zombie Attack!


LIttle silverstone clay work-sculpture.

More fun with the Cintiq

Set my Cintiq up at work a bit ago and found some time in between jobs to do this frog-hued portrait of my lil’ girl as

Bus drawing becomes exercise in will and mastering wacom tablet

Fun little piece that has taken weeks on and off. Still working on it, but post-able at this point 😉 Pretty happy with it.

3rd time cintiq

Character Sketches

Saturday evening post


The bus on the beach at the end of dreamland

Having an hour a day to draw is really a luxury.