Now in the Works: The Shead

Finally I endeavor again into the realm of comics and graphic novels with this ‘joint’ venture along side my old Portland roomie, musician and artist extraordinaire: A little bit biography, a little bit Kauffman. Check out some sample’s below, and stay tuned!

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Slipknot Paul Dediation Tee up on Hot Topic website

Not a bad bit o’ Photoshopping

Recently Cinder Block, after securing the Black Eyed Peas account has been attempting to encompass the entire BEP family of merchandise: Wil I Am, Fergie etc…

This was a Photoshop mockup of 2 Fergie life-size cutouts (not the worst thing to wake up to in your dorm room) which I believe came off very believable.

Black Eyed Peas – tour merch

Marc Anthony tee

Mike’s Blend. Now I’m making coffee bags!

Another product crafted with caffeine and loving care…

Minus the Bear – Poster

Based off the new album art, which is, lets face, pretty minimalist.

Kravitz – Performance Tee

With help from some lovely DeviantArt provided copy-right free vector packs, a new tee design for Mr Lenny Kravitz.

Rudy’s Kids Menu

I almost forget sometime how arduous and time consuming hand illustrations is. Luckily projects like this come around remind me.

Barbie Dress-Up Contest Posters

Actually got a chance to get into the field and take some shots along with the owner of Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe. Quick and dirty