New Project – ISLE OF HUE Web Comic

About 3 years ago I got really into a webcomic called TRYING HUMAN. It was a love story revolving around a human and an alien,

Rock Poster

An oldie but a goodie. A spoof off that classic Pearl Jam/Soundgarden poster from the 90’s. I thought it was funny anywa

Almost time for swimming!

Isle of Hue

Someday I will publish thee, with 24 pages of content and glossy cover

More bus drawing

FINALLY BROKE DOWN and got myself an iPad Pro for drawing on the bus. So far so good! Yeah, yeah, yeah, more aliens…

Beluga Boy

Beluga Boy - Sometimes things just spill out. And its especially gratifying when its though a medium (standard Wacom tablet) w

A new set up

My new Bamboo Stylus Fine Line II arrived last week, and Im steadily exploring its abilities and limitations on my 3rd generat

Space Brownie

Yet another sketch for the looooooong in coming children's book I'm working on. Kind of had it in my head that she should look

The roof of my TOYOTA TERCEL

That time I collaged the inside of my car...


Wolverine and Dazzler watercolor

Fairly Fair Fairy

Watercolor Fairy


Carlos Santana Acrylic Painting