I am a professional and experienced designer who’s spent the last decade creating unique images for print, web and other applications in a variety of industries. I enjoy the challenge of reinventing the face of those genres every time I take on a new project.Classically trained in art, and actively watching out for new trends in the design work, I am actively attempting to delve deeper into online, UI and mobile app design for software and the video game industry, as well as continue to refine my and visual style.

In June 2010 I completed my Bachelors in Art: Graphic Design. The future is wide open


• 15 years designing and illustrating professionally

• 9 years creating visuals for screenprint

• Pre-visualization and concept art for the film industry

• Character design, user interface and animation for mobile apps

• Strong background in traditional arts, recently reinforced with most recent software training

I love creating; and I love pushing my brain to come up with imagery that is original, thoughtful and beautiful. My favorite thing to do is to settle into an assignment and ask myself, “What can I do to make this (t-shirt design/CD Packaging/Concept Vehicle) as awesome as possible?”

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