Character Design/Concept Art

Also, see some of my illustration work in this clip from Nitrate Film’s adaptation of the Philip K Dick book, The Electric Ant: The Stimulant Machine (2 of 5) (1.25 marker)

chrome machinese robot

Androids for Nitrate Film


robot motorcycle cyborg cartoon comic book

"Cyborg" - 4 treatments

cory doctorow someone comes to town someone leaves

"Link's Shop" for Cory Doctorow

"My Assasin Lover" Character sketch

"Family Picture Day" for Cory Doctorow

Astronaut suit design for Nitrate Films

Spidey in action- Sequential motion Study

One of three brothers, for Cory Doctorow

Sketches of automaton guts for Nitrate Films

More automaton sketches for Nitrate Films

Final automaton guts for Nitrate Films

Vehicle sketches for Nitrate Films

Flying 1920's car for Nitrate Films

Vehicle sketch & experimental color render

"Fire" 1 of 5 in a series based on the Wu Xing

"Water" 2 of 5 in a series based on the Wu Xing

"Bobot-Guitar Hero" 3D render character/prop

About the Author

avatar Born in California, cultivated around the globe. My travels in Asia and Europe have only added depth and substance to my work, while retaining a very US sub-pop sensibility. Over 10 years producing art for the music community, now branching off into concept art for the film and game industries.